Edward Rainbow

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Edward Rainbow (1745-1827) relationship to Geoffrey Arnold

  • Edward Rainbow, b: 1745 d: Jul 1827 
    4th great grandfather
  • (Thomas) Edward Rainbow, b: Apr 25, 1772 London d: Abt. 1838 
    3rd great grandfather
  • Elisha Rainbow, b: Jan 11, 1804 Chelsea, London d: Jun 1886 Brentford, Middlesex 
    2nd great grandfather
  • William Charles Rainbow, b: Abt. 1847 Richmond, Surrey d: Sep 15, 1894 Kew 
    Great grandfather
  • Kenneth Wallace Rainbow, b: Sep 23, 1888 Richmond, Surrey d: May 26, 1958 Huddersfield 
  • Lorna Margaret Rainbow, b: Dec 06, 1915 London 
  • Geoffrey Michael B Arnold, b: Oct 10, 1950 Westminster, London 

Court cases that Edward was involved in:

Edward lived at 32 Queen St in the City of London from the 1770s to 1800. This image shows one part of Queen Street, and Edward’s home would have been similar in style to one of the narrow buildings.

In 1762, Edward signed an apprenticeship agreement with Higgins Eden, to become a silk dyer. Click on the image below to see it full size.

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