My Short Century

By Lorna Arnold

Lorna Arnold, OBE (1915-2014) was a noted British nuclear historian who worked for the UK Atomic Energy Authority for nearly 40 years. She wrote seminal books on the Windscale accident, nuclear weapons tests in Australia, and Britain’s H-Bomb programme. 

After a childhood of rural poverty in the south of England, she studied at the University of London and at Cambridge. Her work at the War Office and the Foreign Office during World War II led to postings to Berlin and Washington. A decade later, a chance encounter resulted in her joining the UKAEA, where she worked with many of the scientists and leaders who established Britain’s nuclear agenda.

“This is a very personal account of how a remarkable woman quietly and modestly served her country in both wartime and and post-war Britain. It also offers an insight into the change place of women in British society from the 1930s onwards.” – John Simpson, Former Director, Mountbatten Centre for International Studies, University of Southhampton.

Other books by Lorna Arnold

  • Britain and the H Bomb (with Katherine Pyne)
  • Windscale 1957 (with Mark Smith) previously published as A Very Special Relationship
  • Independence and Deterrence: Britain and Atomic Energy 1945-1952 (with Margaret Gowning)

From My Short Century, including family photos, WWII images, and people with whom Lorna worked with in the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

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