Professor John Steele

& Family

by Kate Stout

Kate Stout has had a fascination with history since childhood. She enjoys genealogical research, which contain the thrill of puzzle solving with the joys of learning more about historical events. This book began as a genealogy project, but changed as she discovered the interesting stories of Professor Steele. She has a B.A. from Wellesley College.

Professor John Steele

This book offers John Steele’s story, as well as the first publication of logs that he wrote while travelling across the Atlantic in 1828 and 1845. It also includes a genealogy of his descendants, and the ancestors of both him and his wife, Mary White Steele. 
Certain research material was not included in the book, but is being made available here for anyone researching John  and Mary Steele’s families. 

Images from Professor John Steele & Family

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